A few months ago I wrote about my favorite community resources, which was a really fun exercise. I have since extracted that list into a maintained static page on this site.

I built up these resources because I have a joy in discovering new corners of the Ruby community. I have some additions to share. Enjoy and as always, join in with your favorites that I have missed! (some recommended -and discovered- from commenters on the original post!)

GoRails - Screencast

This is the first resource that I kicked myself for forgetting on the first go around. The creator maintains a consistent stream of high-quality, thoughtful, relevant Rails-based screencasts. I heartily recommend checking it out. As a remote developer sometimes it is valuable to watch someone build something out with a set of new tooling, as I do not always have the advantage to pair with a partner.

The Yak Shave - Podcast

Sean Griffin and Sam Phippen have joined forces to launch a new highly-anticipated podcast into the Ruby universe. Derek and Sean recently moved on past the bike shed (which is still going with some fantastic new hosts)- so if that was up your alley I recommend subscribing to this.

Ruby on Reddit - Community

I reckon you know this already, right? If not, go subscribe and throw your upvotes to this nice chunk of our community.

ruby.social - Community

I only just discovered this before writing and it may be the one I am most excited about. There is a new ruby-focused mastodon instance and within a handful of days over 500 rubyists have already joined in. It is an instance-ized social network that operates in a very similar flow to twitter. Since it is full of Rubyists it is obviously incredibly friendly. ☺️

Ruby Libhunt AND Ruby Toolbox - Library Hunting

What gems are available for searching in Rails apps? What about geolocation? Which ones are the most used or actively maintained? What’s new and cool in Rubyland for gems? All of these questions and more you can answer at Libhunt and Ruby-Toolbox. This is incredibly useful as a rubyist.

http://rubyland.news/ AND RubyFlow - Aggregation

RubyFlow is a place where you can share your work in the Ruby community openly, and since it is closely coupled with RubyWeekly oftentimes posts there will end up on the weekly newsletter. So get the breaking news at RubyFlow!

RubyLand has some top-notch daily aggregation. Imagine, essentially, if someone read all the resources I recommend here every day and shared with you the latest/greatest posts. Gem version bumps, tutorials, blogs, happenings. Curated. Also with RSS support if you have a favorite reader. Nice.

on_ruby - Community Tooling

This is very slick open-source tooling if you want to spin up a web front end for your Ruby User group, and a fair few rely on it. Consider pitching it at your local group!

This week in Rails - News

PR’s, issues, discussion, so much is happening on Rails core every single day. How can we keep on top of it all? Thank goodness for ‘This week in Rails’, which condenses the changes into a handful of snippets each and every week. This is a Rails developer ‘must-subscribe’.

That’s all for now! Thanks for supporting Ruby and if I have missed something, let me know! I love checking out new resources!