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Matz joins Heroku (2011-07-12)


Yep, eight years ago this week Matz joined Heroku as their Chief Ruby Architect. Thanks for supporting open source, Heroku!

_why: Methods That Self-Destruct (2006-07-11)


Ever want to write a ‘singleton method’ that can only ever be called once? Our pal _why has a bit of fun digging into this approach thirteen years ago this week.

Digging into Loggers with Ryan Bates (2007-07-11)


It’s amazing how far you can go in Ruby and Rails without manually playing with the Logger yourself. Take a peek at this classic still-relevant Railscast on the subject!

Euruko 2010 Lightning Talks (2010-07-11)


Love Ruby? Love Lightning Talks? Love Euruko? This video is definitely for you. Since it’s not tucked away on Youtube, it’s possible you may have missed this gem on your Ruby video deep-dives.

DriftingRuby: ActionCable Walkthrough (2016-07-10)


2016 still counts as a blast from the past! Three years ago this week we enjoyed a great ActionCable Screencast from DriftingRuby.

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