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Writing a 2007 Facebook Clone in Rails (2007-06-29)


Wow, I remember knocking my way through my first Rails Clone in 2014. Looks like our author beat us to the trend a whopping seven years earlier! I hope you enjoy this week’s leading post as much as I did!

_why digging into Mixins (2007-07-05)


Voilá! Introducing our first (and certainly not last) post from _why the lucky stiff, exploring Ruby mixins, edge cases from extending classes, and possible tooling he may want to build to solve the issue.

Peter Cooper announces ‘Beginning Ruby’ (2006-07-01)


This week thirteen years ago the one-and-only Peter Cooper announced to the world that he started work on his fantastic “Beginning Ruby” book!

Florian Hanke on Building a Search Engine in Ruby (2010-07-01)


This is a real treat. Have a look into a conference talk on building a search engine in Ruby in 2010.

Contributing to Rails Back in the Day (2007-06-27)


Check out this nifty video by Ryan Bates, explaining how you would contribute to Rails back in the early days.

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