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Googler Steve Yegge fully ports Rails to a Javascript framework - in 2007 (2007-06-24)

Dundies In 2007, then-Googler Steve Yegge was advocating that Google start using Ruby. Google, of course, said no. So Steve did what any frustrated programmer in 2007 would do. He built an entire serverside Javascript framework as a line-by-line rewrite of Ruby on Rails. Nice.

Rails 5.0 Released (2016-06-27)


Holy moly. How is Rails 5.0 three years old this week? It only seems like yesterday we were all doing our major upgrades from 4.2. Take a trip down memory lane on this anniversary with a read through the launch post.

Getting answers to your burning Rails questions in 2006


In 2006, the programming world didn’t have the sort of resources for answering Rails questions that we enjoy today. Nine times out of ten it seems we can just copy paste a mystery error and find our problem in seconds. Not so in 2006.

As seen above, one option was Guruza, which allowed you to actually put a dollar-figure on your Rails questions on the honor system and award the bounty to the correct answer.

If money wasn’t your thing but you were into gamification, Rails-weenie let you earn and give away “points” for answering Rails questions.


Using GMail with ActiveMailer (2006-06-27)


Check out this article which gives us a walkthrough of working with GMail in Rails 13 years ago. (Bonus: There’s a Rails-Weenie link in there!)

Ryan Bates Returns! (2017-06-27)


After a four-year hiatus, this week two years ago Ryan Bates made his glorious return; and announced free Railscast episodes! Thanks for all you've done for the community, Ryan!

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