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A Rubyist’s “Who’s Who” in a gist debate (2012-06-22)

Dundies This actually started in May and raged for weeks, but DHH joined into the discussion seven years ago this week. Have a look at a very interesting Gist discussion on Rails’ best practices featuring Ruby celebrities Michael Perham, Avdi Grimm, Nick Sutterer, Gary Bernhardt, Piotr Solnica, Uncle Bob, DHH and many others.

Rails 1.2: what’s next? (2006-06-26)


Chris Williams breaks down the talks from a bunch of speakers at 2006’s Railsconf and looks towards the future.

Ruby Benchmarking Showdown (2010-06-28)


Nine years ago Antonio Cangiano put together a massive amount of benchmarking goodness comparing Ruby 1.8, 1.9, JRuby and, yes, IronRuby. Notable all on a Windows machine!

Code Golf - Reddit in 10 Lines of Code (2012-06-26)


This post starts out showcasing a reddit build in Sinatra which is cool enough in 2012. It then takes things into hyperactive hyperdrive by walking through a codegolf breakdown into 10 lines of code. Nifty!

Rails Hosting: Can’t make up my mind (2009-06-23)


Who could we rely on Rails hosting a decade ago? Have a peek into this google talk forum to see who the players were back when.

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