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  • React Native Helpful Resources
    • As I slowly dab my toes further into React Native, I’ll be curating a list of what I’ve found to be helpful resources on it here. They are collated from a few places that already exist, and will be sprinkled with field stones I’ve found along the way.
    • This resource has an endless supply of tools for your toolbox when it comes to refactoring. Don’t leave home without it.
  • Implementing Classification Using A SVM In Ruby
    • I’m always hearing about machine learning (don’t all devs), and all those fancy hip topics. I managed to safely avoid it until I stumbled upon this article and accompanying repo showing a fun, simple use case using an SVM for Machine Learning in Ruby. Loved it.
  • Sitepoint: Introduction to Using Redis with Rails
    • The example didn’t necessarily speak to me as I already use the friendly_id gem to cover off this use case. However, it did open up my eyes to the power of redis and lead to my using it to solve a few problems with existing production applications.
  • Thoughtbot: How to Skim a Pull Request - Mike Burns
    • When you work remote or as part of a small team as a rails engineer, it’s important to challenge yourself and your code habits. I found this piece a useful resource on what other teams see as ‘red flags’.
  • RailsConf 2016 - Making a Rails App with 140 Characters (or less) by Nate Berkopec
    • It’s amazing how much you can work in a framework without questioning massive regions of the codebase you see every day. Berkopec takes YAGNI to the extreme to show the minimal amount of code you need to have a legitimate, running Rails application. The benefit of watching this isn’t really to try and play code golf, but give even seasoned devs a good crash course on the whole default Rails directory and what its purpose is.


  • The Naulahka - Rudyard Kipling/Wolcott Balestier
    • I picked up an 1800s version of this in a used bookshop in Plymouth for eight pounds. It was in fantastic condition. I enjoyed a swashbuckling story about a 20-something state legislator named Nick from Colorado sailing to India to chase some famed jewels and a woman he loved.
  • The Foundation Trilogy - Isaac Asimov
    • My father lobbied me from a young age to read this trilogy. During my time at Plymouth University and after, I started and stopped. I’ve recently picked it up again and hope to have it concluded soon. Fantastic old school sci fi trilogy that I would heartily recommend to anyone. The way the Aasimov constructs a Universe with logic and his own invented “psycho-history” at the core is fascinating. Great reading.

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