Hello There

My name is Nick Schwaderer and I currently live in beautiful Cornwall in the UK.

I grew up in equally beautiful Superior, Montana in the United States, where I worked as a local journalist, sawmill employee, and two-term State Legislator before moving to the UK to work full time as a Ruby on Rails engineer at OceansHQ.

My day job involves solving problems for various government clients around the globe, building exciting new features for Maritime Administrations and maintaining a large flagship SaaS product. Check us out at OceansHQ

On my own time I enjoy unique challenges and work, so if you would like to hire me, feel free to get in touch.


I was brought on to OceansHQ in early 2016 as a full-time Ruby on Rails lead developer in house in Cornwall, England. Our client list is growing by the quarter and includes around half a dozen national governments, including the United Kingdom.

I spend most of my time working on the VesselHQ system, which allows Maritime Registries to do their work in the 21st Century with a self-hosted, top-of-the-line SaaS framework.

This work includes:

-Implementing feature requests and enhancements requested by our clients or in house using TDD principles

-Refactoring and profiling segments of code to improve performance and reliability

-Building out a suite of over 2,000 tests from scratch

-Bulk data migration during onboarding (from spreadsheets to databases to everything in between)

-Code reviewing pull requests from other developers at OceansHQ


These are the technologies I use everyday on side/personal projects or in my job.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgres
  • ERB
  • Haml
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap 3/ Bootstrap 4
  • CoffeeScript
  • CSS/SCSS/Sass
  • Heroku


  • Travis-Ci
  • Gitlab-Ci
  • RSpec
  • FactoryGirl
  • Capybara/Selenium/Poltergeist
  • brakeman
  • pronto/rubocop


  • Slack
  • Github
  • RocketChat
  • Gitlab
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text 2

Open Source Contributions:



Department of Defense (USA)

swot gem

Trucker gem




Stay in Touch

I like to write about Ruby and building things, typically once every month or so. Get an email when I have written something new.